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A two-week Online Education Camp and Study Tour, organized by the Office of Special Degree Programs for the students who are from AIT’s partner universities and/or prospective partner universities. The aim of the camp is to inspire and ignite the young students through state-of-the-art seminars and hands-on sessions in cutting-edge technologies so that they would be innovative in finding solutions to engineering, management, and social issues.

Course: will be a combination of Engineering and Management seminars, hands-on sessions along with virtual field visits to research institutes/centers in AIT. 


List of courses: Innovative courses that will be showcased to students will be Artificial Intelligence Health Informatics, Machine Learning, Big Data seminar and hands-on using “R”, Satellite/UAV- Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Smart City and Urban Planning, Brain-Computer Interface, Climate Change Groundwater Management, Financial Technology Trends, Video Resume, Professional Communication Skills workshop, Research Pitching, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (Start-Ups) and more. Note: Courses can be customized based on the background of the participants. 

Cost: The cost of the training for two weeks per student is USD 300 (the normal cost is USD 1000 for face-to-face/physical educamp). This cost covers the registration fee which includes overhead and remunerations for lectures/ demonstrations/ hands-on sessions. 

Evaluation: Students are given assignments and are continuously evaluated, students will present a mini project report of the camp group-wise to show the outcome of their learning. On successful completion, AIT certificates of various competencies will be awarded. 


Students will experience:

  • Exposure to a wide range of topics from various cutting edge technologies, skills development, and technical hands-on

  • Learn in an interactive way

  • Continuous evaluation, mini-projects, and report presentations

  • Awarding of certificates upon completion and special awards for winners of activity competitions.


This international online camp will promote co-branding of education programs of partner and/or prospective partner universities and also spinoff many ideas for the development of education, capacity building, and research. It will provide better employability to students and also give them an international outlook to see the issues related to technology and management.

Education Camp

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